Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tummy and Toesies Tuesday

Mom says that my tummy matches the snow that is coming down outside. We are under a Winter Advisory with 2 to 4 inches expected so that means Mom is going nowhere today. Yesterday she took Angel's Mom to the human V-E-T as she's been real sick. She has an infection that has gone into her sinuses. Angel has been very busy down there taking real good care of her.


  1. We love your gorgeous belly!

    Lots of purrs to Angel's mom that she gets better soon.

    Tell your mom she's wise to stay home and off the roads. Stay safe!

  2. What a delicious belly Miss Laila !

    Hope Angel's Mom gets better soon.

    We will all feel better when Spring gets here !

    Eva & Gracie's Mom

  3. 12 paws up and 2 thumbs up, we LOVE your new Banner and background....SWEEEEEEEET!
    We are under the same winter warning and still have snow on the ground from the last storm. Not as much as last year when ICE was a lil guy. =^Y^=

  4. MEOW!
    Now that's a box of bootiful fluff.
    Our good wishes go to Angel's mom so she gets better soon. Mom says our snow is the same as what you are getting.

    Neat banner.

    Purrs, Kiddy

  5. Stay warm! And keep that lovely white belleh warm!!!

  6. Your tummy DOES look like a pretty drift of snow!

    We'll send purrs for Angel's Mom...he must be running his pads off doing nurse duty.

  7. That box fits you perfectly, Laila! So I guess that if kitties were measured in cinnamon rolls, you would be a 15-cinnamon roll kitty!

    Sinus problems are no fun - my human has had them. Purrs to Angel's human!

  8. That is a lovely tummy Laila.
    We hope Angel's mum soon feels better.

  9. Laila
    That is a gorgeous belly and I bet you get lots of tummy rubs.
    Stay safe and warm...and we are purrin for Angel's Mom and hope that she will be better very soon.


  10. Just look at that beautiful belly! Mom says to tell you that you can have that cold white stuff back!

  11. Laila, your tummy is as white as the pure driven snow!!

    We're getting all that snow now too!!

  12. your tummy DOES match the snow and we are under the same advisory!

    Stay safe and warm!

  13. Sending tummy snorgles. Hope everyone gets better soonest.

  14. Lovely warm furry tummy! We're sending Angel's mama well-wishes; sinus infections are no fun!


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