Friday, October 15, 2010

Formerly Feral Friday

I see you little mousie!

Maybe I can get you from this side.

So close, yet so far. Minchie! Instead of just sitting there doing nothing, HELP ME!!!

Sammy, the monorail kitty.

This picture was not taken by Mom as Sammy is still not coming near her and now she is hiding when Mom goes downstairs to visit. She is sad, we are happy. hehehe! Her daddy emailed this one to us.


  1. We laughed at the photo of Sammy. As did I, Laila when you wouldn't visit with my human!

  2. Hannah, I think Minchie may be having a laugh at you at your expense!

    That is a cute photo of Sammy. Too bad she is so shy! She is like Boodie at our house. It took our pet sitter (who was an overnight pet sitter) quite a long time before Boodie was even remotely friendly to her.

  3. Sorry Laila, I meant you, not Hanna! That's what I get for opening up multiple blogs at one time.

  4. Laila...Sometimes brothers are just not too helpful !

    The Sammy picture is so cute !

    Eva & Gracie's Mom

  5. That is an adorable monorail kitty photo. And we hope you got your mouse!

  6. You should get the mousie and give it to Sammy, that might cheer her up!

  7. MEOW
    Laila, if you can see it you should get it.

    Sammy is one laid back cat.

    Purrs, Kiddy

  8. Hope you get that mousie; he's got to come out sometime!...Sammy is the purrfect monorail kitty; she's a beauty too!...Happy Friday, sweet friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. That mousie is playing games with you, Laila! Tell Minchie to get on the other side and tag team it!

  10. Naughty Mousie! Mommy explored under the dryer yesterday and got us a TROVE of mousies!

    Sammy is a sweetie pie. Maybe if your Mom sprinkled a little Nip?

  11. Hi Laila! We have that same problem at our house - no one helps to get the mousies out when you need it!

    And it is too bad Sammy is scared of your mom - maybe she could cover herself in catnip or something! Our mom has catsit for our cousin cats and it can take them a few days to get used to her (of course by then she is done catsitting!)

  12. We hope you got your mousie Laila. That is a cute picture of Sammy.

  13. We hope you got that mousie, Laila! And Sammy does monorail cat well!! We hope she lets your mom pet her...

  14. Laila, did you get it??? And that Sammy is a cute little girl - it's too bad that she is scairt! One of our Ones Who Came Before was terrified of other people. One time her brother came over to feed the cats while she was out of town, and he said Zak came out to eat but growled at him the whole time! haha

    Happy weekend!

    Your friends, Fuzzy and Zoe


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