Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

We should have posted this picture yesterday to show that the hallway Minchie escaped into looked like this and not on the outside of the building. This is a picture taken of our sister-who-went-before-us, Lilly, when she was yelling for our neighbor across the hall to open his door.


  1. Laila, are you hanging out in there? Very interesting.

  2. That is an interesting place to rest. My brofur Noah likes to dig in new litter. He is so silly.
    ~ Anna Sue

  3. My mom told me that when she went to visit the cats at the SPCA, many times they were also hanging out in those boxes. She always thought it was for lack of another, better "enclosed space" to sit in, but you have proven her wrong.

    Good job at keeping our motives mysterious!

    Abby Normal

  4. Um, I don't think you're supposed to sleep in those.

  5. We have never curled up in our litter box. Is it very comfy?


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