Saturday, June 23, 2007

Missing my blue-eyed baby girl

My first day back to work my wonderful sister stopped in to see how I was doing and brought me these beautiful flowers and sweet card to cheer me up. It was so Cerise we thought. she was such a feminine little girl. I can't believe she's gone after over 17 years of having her. I know I did the right thing by her by helping her cross the Bridge. She had endured so much in the past year, healthwise. These little Himmies are really tough cookies. Her cousin, Cydney, and Chelsea, her New Jersey buddy, fought to the end also and lived long lives. I'd seriously consider adopting another from a Himalayan rescue group. They are very high maintenance and, therefore, that is why a lot of them are given up because they require so much attention and people just aren't willing to spend the time. To me all the attention is just extra bonding time. Lilly is so low maintenance. It's too soon to think about getting another little creature to share my life with. Right now I'm concentrating on helping Lilly deal with the loss of her big sister. She's doing much better and the roaming around crying it a lot better. I'm very careful not to say Cerise's name as she gets going again looking for her. So sad...

I love you baby girl! Until we meet again...


  1. That's so sweet of your sister to bring you those beautiful flowers !!!
    Good that Lilly gets a little less upset now. That's so sad that she was reacting to hearing Cerise's name...

  2. I am so sorry to read about your loss. Purrs to Lilly and you.

  3. That was very sweet of your sister and the flowers are beautiful.

    When I lost Emma I had 4 other cats and none of them showed any signs to me of missing her though I'm sure they did, especially her littermate Possum. It wasn't until I lost Possum 5 months later that one of the 3 remaining kitties, Leo, showed a sign of looking for Possum. But I only saw it once and that was it. He had 2 younger sisters then to take charge of. Now I'm back up to 5. Maybe having more kitties kept mine from missing the ones they lost so much.

  4. Remember Peggy, they don't cross the Rainbow Bridge without us. They wait for us to get there, and we all cross together. Going to take a while for me and my herd to all get across. John

  5. I feel as though Cerise is still here with us. She was a cuddle bug. I never met a kitty who gave hugs until I met her. Such a Sweetheart!


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