Sunday, May 18, 2008

Easy like Sunday morning

I'm so tired from helping Mom plant our flowers and entertaining our Auntie Shannon last night. Mom says I can have the day off and do whatever I want. She says we still have more flowers to plant once she decides what and what colors. She is very slow at this so who knows how long this will be dragged out! I'm glad she's restricted by our 6 x 13 foot balcony!


  1. Laila, resting in your tent is a good idea!

  2. KC said...
    O, what neat tents. That's a furry good place to haf an easy Sunday morning.

  3. Aww, flowers for the balcony! I have tried this out once but the plant burnt from the sun :-(
    Hope you enjoy your nap in the balcony even more now! :-)

  4. Wow! It sounds like you had a lot to do yesterday. I am glad you are getting a break!

  5. Hi Laila and Lilly,

    Planting flowers and entertaining are big jobs. We hope you get a nice Sunday rest!


    Thanks for purring for us. We can use all the purrs we can get!

  6. So now you have something pretty to look at on the balcony! Mommy put our tent cubes away for awhile, she said we were over-taking the house and the beans need room to walk. Ha Ha, just wait till the deck is done...if it EVER stops raining!!!=^Y^=Ty

  7. Laila, I have a tent just like your red & blue one! Don't you love it?



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