Saturday, April 9, 2016

Photo Hunt - Lunch

Today's theme is LUNCH.

  When Mom makes tuna salad for her lunch I get to lick the can clean. Don't worry, the sides of the can are not sharp at all.

 Today is the birthday for a very special lady ~ a friend to all of us, a special friend to animals and pet bloggers.  Marg of Margs Animals.  We hope you have a very Happy Birthday!


  1. That's a nice yummy ya got there! Happy Birthday to Marg from all of us!

  2. That sounds very tasty. Happy Birthday to Marg.

  3. It is very nice that your mom lets you lick the can. Yum!

  4. That is a special treat. When I open a can of tuna, I am lucky if I get 1/4 of it after splitting it with 14 cats.:)

  5. That is so delicious! I Always get the mackerel of Granny to lick out :D Pawkisses for a Happy Sunday :) <3


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