Saturday, February 21, 2015

Photo Hunt - Wheel

Today's theme is WHEEL.

Can anyone guess what Laila is sniffing? It's the same color as her and just as soft. That's why Mom bought it.

It's a steering wheel cover! It's made out of sheepskin and silky soft just like Laila. Mom says it's like having Laila with her during the times she isn't home. She doesn't even need gloves when she drives now.

An auction for Winnie's Wish Building Fund.

Winnie's Wish is a private animal rescue and shelter, funded solely by donations and fundraising, and now in great need of a new room to house the growing numbers of rescued cats. Please support the auction by bidding on your favorite items!  We are donating the world famous cat rubber duckies!  Click HERE to see all the wonderful items.


  1. Looks like a furry comfy wheel with the fur on it !


  2. My human says she needs a steering wheel cover - when it gets hot here, it burns her hands.

  3. Wow, that's some wheel cover! It looks really comfy.

  4. ooooooh! Mommy says that would be SO nice!

  5. Anything to keep the hands warm in the cold.

  6. What about you, Minchie? She doesn’t mind that she doesn’t have you with her when she drives. Stay warm.


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