Friday, August 29, 2014

Flashback Friday

Here is a picture of baby Angel Cerise when she and Mom lived with Mom's sister for a year.  The bird is her sister's, Simon (a double headed amazon) and the dark feets belong to Cydney, her 18 pound Himalayan.  They were all best buddies.

Be sure to visit Sparkle's blog today for the commentathon.  Such a beautiful tribute to her. 


  1. Wow, now that's some interesting friends. :)

  2. Best buddies? That bird should have been a food source! :-D

  3. Best friend with a Bird ?!
    I think I would have chased it like I chase my DaBird :D


  4. That is a wonderful flashback photo! The birdie was way cool!

  5. What a nice flashback! Hey no wonder my ears were burning -- now you and Mom Paula have me blushing!

  6. I think I would be scared of a parrot, with that big beak! Thanks for sharing about the memorial and commenthon for Sparkle - it really helps!

  7. we wont make a commint bout de burd guys, but a grate flash bak picture ♥

    heerz ta a safe happee long week oh end…may de bass bee bountee full in yur bowl ♥

  8. That is a great picture. That's one lucky bird with those two big (and beautiful) kitties nearby. I love how they were all friends.

  9. What a lovely memory to have !
    You kitties were super nice to the bird, too.
    We might have been a wee bit twitchy but we would have tried to be good.
    the kitty brats


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