Thursday, May 15, 2014

National Straw Hat Day

Here are our contributions for National Straw Hat Day. These have been posted before but since it's a national holiday now, we just had to post them again.

Laila all set for a day in the garden.

Minchie none too thrilled about being seen in public in his straw hat.


  1. Love your cute pictures wearing those hats.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Well I think you both look terrific!

  3. These reposts must mean you did not have to wear those hats again - good for you!

  4. Oh dear your hats are REAL dear dear me... you both look so adorable but Minchie you look like please take this off of me!

    Happy Straw Hat Day!
    Angels Abby♥Gracie♥

  5. You both look fantastic. And we can tell by your expressions that you both love your hat :-)

  6. We agree with Minchie, no hats for us!

  7. We only wear hats if they are photoshopped on us.

  8. Well darn, I missed your straw hats yesterday. The Person had all kinds of things going on here but she is really just slack. You two look terrific. Laila, glad you are ready for your gardening. Take care.


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