Sunday, January 12, 2014

Easy Like Sunday Morning

The temps here are finally tollerable and the snow is melting like crazy with all the rain we've had.  But we still need to get our easy on and chillax after all we've gone through with the weather since the beginning of the new year.  

Plus we're worn out keeping an eye on Mom who has come down with a nasty cold.


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  1. Purrs to your Mom from all of us. You sure are ready for a good Easy!

  2. Oh Dear ! I send Mega Purring to your mom. Nasty Cold sound no good.
    And warm hugs from me.
    Here is sooooooo Hot ! 35c or 95 F Today !

    Please Take care

  3. I love your cozy spots. You two are so cute. Yes, take good care of your mom. Sorry she got a cold! That's the pits. We hope she feels better very soon.

  4. You guys take good care of your mom!!

  5. Oh no we are so sorry about your Mom...sick humans are helpless.
    I love love love your beds.
    hugs madi your LLS

  6. I hope your human feels better soon!

  7. We're sorry to hear your Mom isn't feeling well. Lots of purrs to her from all of us.

  8. Oh no! We hope your mom feels better real soon.

  9. We're so sorry. To hear that your mom isn't feeling well. Stay close to her and keep her warm.

  10. Purrs and PURRS for your Mom! Head colds are so miserable; waking you guys up with her hacking and snuffling...

  11. Happy Easy Sunday :)
    Over here is the temperature dropping and the snow is on it´s way.



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