Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Minchie wants to thank his Turkish Princess, Baby Patches, for the great birthday presents and card she sent a few weeks back.

This great catnip carrot caught his attention right away.

Watch out, Laila has her eyes on that carrot.

Sorry, Minchie, Laila stole it right in front of your eyes.

Not to worry, Minchie got it back.

Laila giving Minchie a bop on the head letting him know she wants it back.

Not to worry, Laila would rather nom the awesome fishy flakes!

Watch out, Mom, that Shark Laila doesn't take off your fingers!


Our friend Marg, of Marg's Animals, does so much to help so many, and Ann of Zoolatry very much wanted to reach out to all of us and ask that we help Marg.  Please visit Zoolatry's blog to read all about it.


  1. It looks as though you are enjoying those fishy flakes Laila.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Oh Laila, those look like such good fishy flakes. Love that look on your face and good girl for bopping Minchie on the head to get your toy back. Well done. Take care and again thanks for the shout out about Smoke, He is enjoying his shoes a lot. Take care.

  3. MEOW!
    Nice presents u got Minchie. Don't let Laila have ur carrot.
    Purrs, Kiddy

  4. FaRADaY: Mowzers, those fishy flakes are my FAVORITE!

    Allie: I'd bop a boy on the head if he took my carrot too, Laila.

    Maxwell:'s MINCHIE'S.

    Allie: *pfft!* Semantics.

  5. OMC! Can't lets your sisfur steals your presents my handsome mancat. I so happy you luvs your nip carrot. Did you gets to nom the fishy flakes? I hopes you likes them. Laila sure did seems to enjoy them MOL

    Luvs you! Your loving Turkish Princess

  6. What lovely birthday presents, Minchie! And how nice to share them with Laila... uh, not that you had any choice!

  7. A catnip carrot and fishy flakes! What great gifts. You're a lucky guy, Minchie (Laila too).

  8. Minchie, it was nice of you to share your presents with Laila...though it looks like you didn't have much of a choice!


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