Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tail Tuesday

No room on the ham-mick for Laila's floofy tail.


Marigold was one of the three surviving kitties from Rose and the Royals after Mom Rose died on February 10, 2013. Mom ML and the CB (and CWB) banded together to rescue Marigold and her siblings from a shelter. Marigold and Brutus went to live with Mom Laura.  Unfortunately, Marigold developed Wet FIP and was helped to the bridge on June 16, 2013. Mom Laura has many vet bills from the numerous tests, treatments, vet boarding, and euthanasia. You can visit Mom Laura at Heaven Sent.

Please visit the auction set up to help Mom Laura with her huge vet bills HERE.  Auction ends June 28.


  1. Uh Oh, guess you need another ham-mick for that tail Laila. You could put it right beside the one you are on at the moment
    Our blog was too confusing and Splitters is at the vet today getting her toofs done. Thanks for the good wishes. Take care.

  2. Your tail is really fluffy , Laila !
    Sorry to hear about Marigold :(
    I have been over and sent a little bit green papers to the vet.bill over at furriendsofthecatblogosphere.

  3. You need a ham-mick extension just for your floofy tail Laila.

  4. Laila ask your Mom to get you a king sized hammick.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. That is a lovely hammick, even if your tail doesn't fit. It's also very nice of your mom to promote Marigold's Auction.

  6. And you do have a beautiful poofy tail!

  7. I agree - a second hammock for that floofy tail!

  8. Laila just wants to show off her floofy tail!

  9. That's okay we can see your beautiful tail much better with it hanging off the ham-mick. Hugs and nose kisses


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