Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Flashback

Today's flashback is from January 2009


To help me stay warm in these arctic temps, I am laying on my mink blankie.

I don't know what is more silky soft, this blankie or my furs.

I think it's a tie.

This mink coat has been hanging in Mom's closet for four years now. It was her favorite Aunt's and she got it when she died. She has never worn it and just wanted to see what I would do. Well, of course I wanted to lay on it and keep my furs nice and toasty. Mom really doesn't know what to do with it so it just hangs in the closet. Maybe it can be brought out for me on these kind of days. Please Mom?


  1. We're sure that coat was made just for you.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. a MINK BLANKIE!? And mom thought I was spoiled? (May I come over and lay on it too?)

  3. Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that you were the randomly chosen winner of our Back in Black 2 Comment-A-Thon!

  4. Wow, that is living the high life, even if it's just for a little while!

  5. That looks like heaven=what a special bed!!...Happy weekend, sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. What a cool bed! My human has a couple fur coats in the closet that she acquired and cannot bring herself to wear - maybe we can use them as comfy beds too?

  7. We think you deserve that mink! It would make a cool cat cave.

  8. We bet that coat makes the most comfy bed ever.

  9. Y'know, Minchie, it's so cool here, you could use that mink blankie today!!

  10. Well, since all those little minks gave up their lives for that coat, I'm glad to see that someone is getting some use out of it!

    Maybe you could share it with Laila, too, to get maximum coverage.

  11. OMC Laila
    You might just be my long lost sissy!!!!
    When I came to live with my peeps at 2 months crazy Mom thought my freckle was a flea!! As grew it that freckle got just a tad bigger and I also have a tiny one smack in the middle of my nose. Mom told freckles are kisses from angels. Truffles party was suh fun and I loved meeting new friends!

  12. Wow, that's fancy stuff! Do you still get to snuggle on the blankie every now and then?


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