Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thankful Thursday

 Things Laila is thankful for:
Costco boxes.
Combing her tummy furs.
Cat grass.
Her floofy tail covering her private parts.

Our dear, sweet friend, Parker Pie, is being helped to the Bridge today.  We are going to miss her so much.  We have been friends for a long time and will miss those beautiful eyes of hers.  Fly free, sweet girl.  Many will be waiting to greet you.


  1. Oh Laila, that is such a cute picture surrounded by all your favorite things. Have a good day and we will miss Parker too. It is all too sad. Take care.

  2. Laila, you are a Queen for certain and very dignified.

    Mommy and I have big sads for Parker Pie.

  3. nice box - and nice positioning!!

    we have the sads too....sigh....

  4. You sure look cute in your box!

    We are all so sad about dear sweet Parker Pie. Our lives are better because she called us friends. Love you and we will remember you always Parker Pie. Rest in peace dear one.

  5. We are so glad that you posted that pic today. It helped bring a smile to our faces. xoxoxo

  6. It's a pretty good box, I think. Good fit!

  7. Those are great things to be thankful for. We are also very sad about Parker.

  8. Laila, did your human comb you while you were in the box? How awesome is that!!

    This is a very sad day - I miss Parker lots already. I am purring for her family today.

  9. You look pawsome in your box , Laila !
    Me too are thankfull for my floofy tail sometimes ;-)

    Sorry to hear about Parker :(

  10. Laila, you are such a silly girl!

    We sure will miss Parker so much!

  11. Thank you for your kind words. They help us as we grieve. As Parker would say - "Smoochies!"


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