Wednesday, November 3, 2010

White Wednesday

Most Turkish Angora's are all white. Here Minchie is showing off his white furs.

And here's a picture of Sammy when she was an itteh bitteh kitteh. Yesterday, both times Mom went downstairs to feed her and JoJo, Sammy let her pet and give her head scritches while she was laying on the bed. Mom is happy she is making progress.


  1. My goodnes Minchie...What beautiful belly you have ! Your Mom is such a good kitty-mama how could Sammy resist her !!

    Eva & Gracie's Mom

  2. We love the white tummy. Um watch out--the Woman may go in for a snorgle!

  3. Hooray for petting everyone! Before I lost weight, I had really thick fur and my undercoat was totally white. If my mom petted me and didn't put my furs down right, you could see white streaks where her fingers were!

    Your friend, Fuzzy

  4. Oh Minchie! Your tummy fur is white as snow! I bet it's real soft too!

  5. Paws up for Sammy! That's nice that she is warming up to your human.

    My human's boyfriend's brother has a couple of Turkish Angoras... one is all white, but the other is a gray tuxie!

  6. Minchie, you better watch out...all the Blogosphere Beans will be coming in for a snorgle!

    13 tails up that Sammy accepted some pettings! She was a verreh cute bebbeh tot.

  7. Minchie, I just love your white floof!

    Your mom is a very special lady!

  8. Mama just put her snorgoggles on--she's coming in for that tummy! We're happy to hear that Sammy is coming out now.


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