Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tummy and toesies Tuesday

I really wish that stupid flashy box of Mom's would break!

In response to Whicky Wuudler's question, when does winter officially start in Chicago? Well, there are only two seasons. Construction season and the winter season. Hahaha!


  1. Hehehe! Our moms flashy box did break, we didn't realize she had a back up. We hope you have a great day!
    ~The Creek Cats~

  2. Indeed. A little further to your north we call our two seasons "Winter" and "Winter Is Coming." Keep warm!

  3. Hee hee hee that is a furry cute picture of you. And thank you furry much for the purthday wishes! I am a lil late but my mama sure hogs the computer!

  4. Look at dem purrttee toe tuffs...


    Pee Sss
    Not to make yoo feel bad or anyfing but we is gonna be at 85 over this weekend...turn on da A/C fur chrissmousey...

    bah humbug we wants sum snow...

  5. You look great, Laila! You guys sure have a hard Winter!!!

  6. What a cute tummy and pretty toes, very snorgleable!

    It sounds very cold in Chicago!

  7. Good thing you have such luxurious furs to keep you warm!

    Where I live, I think the seasons are hot and hotter.

  8. Laila, you have feet scuffys...mommy says it makes it a bit harder to trim the nails.....Oh, we are sending out another CD pronto!!! Ty and I went to the Vets today, Ty got shots and I got a check-up. I like my new Vet, she is sooooooo nice and I stopped feelin' scart. Ty had his harness on and rode on Mommies lap while Dad drove. Ty wanted to stay in the carrier on the way home then they smelt something....Ty poo'ed...Dad almost puked, mommy quick tossed the pooie balls out the car window, hope she didn't hit anyone!! Tee Hee=^Y^=Teak

  9. Moms tend to use the flashy box at the most inappropriate time!

    I got my Secret Paws box last night! Yippee! Imagine my surprise when two of my favorite kitties on the blog were my secret Paws. Mom said we would share everything later in the week when she had more time.

    Mom says to tell your mom thank you, too!

  10. ohhh what a pose!! so cute belly-tastic!!! can i please put this picture on kittybellys.com???

  11. Hahaha ! That's funny! infact all the answers here are funny.

    Laila, a girl really does need some privacy from the eternally flashing box. One way to get it would be to stop looking so gorgeous and cute. We understand this wouldn't be possible for you or Minchie

    Whicky Wuudler

  12. Well, that floof is just so irresistable, we can hardly fault your Mom!

  13. I hate being photographed during my most private moments, too.

  14. Those flashy boxes show up at the most embarssing times!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  15. We agree with the flashy box!!! Mom has it in her hands way too much...but we like the picture....

    Kodak, 3 Perf and Blossom


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