Sunday, September 14, 2008

Easy like Sunday morning

It has been raining here in the Chicago area since Friday night. They say it's because of Hurricane Ike. Lots of flooding so what better way to spend the time but napping. Yesterday the official rainfall was 6.64" (12.82" for the month) and it's still raining cats and dogs out there and will be all day. Boo! Hiss!



  1. Until yesterday we only had about 6 dry days since the beginning of June. Today the sun has been shining for two days in a row. Hooray!!!

  2. Raining cats... go catch a few!
    Raining dogs... don't bother!

    Ooops, now all the dog lovers will not like us... truth be told, we love woofies, too.

    Have a great and easy Sunday.

  3. Oh stay dry! I think you are going to have a lot more rain coming on the way.

  4. Hey guys! I'm just getting caught up on your blog. It looks like you two are doing great! It's hilarious that Minchie likes to watch TV. That's just so cool.

    I hope that the rain goes away for you soon.

    BTW, We left an award for you at our site!

  5. That's what happened to us when Fay meandered through. We got about 15 inches. Stay safe!

  6. Wow! That's a lot of rain. Napping is the best thing to do on rainy days...or any day. Stay safe and dry.

  7. Yikes! I hope you don't float away with all of those cats and dogs.

    Mom said she may be in Chicago in February. I told her it was too cold up there!

  8. Thanks for stopping by earlier. So nice to meet you. I'll drop by again soon.


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