Thursday, July 10, 2008

First play "date"

Here is a picture of Minchie and I resting on the cool bathroom floor after our first play "date". The three of us were playing "mousies falling from the bedroom ceiling" on the bed when all of a sudden Minchie and I decided to start practising the thundering herd of elephants. We did very well. Mom was standing there in utter disbelief laughing, SQUEEING, and had tears in her eyes and goosebumps she was so excited we were playing together. What really blew her mind (what little she has left...teeheehee!) was when we laid this close to each other after. This seems to be the beginning of the turning point for us! We have never seen a cat run as fast as Minchie can!!! He could definitely be in the Cat Olympics! Mom said she also did not know I could run as fast as I did. We feel sorry for the man who lives in the condo below us. Maybe mom should go down and explain to him that at times his ceiling is not in endanger of falling down.


  1. Whoo hoo! You look so beautiful together, too.

  2. Hello , Minchie, my new friend.
    I wrote this poem that I will send.
    Laila is your new cat pal.
    A friendly girl, a happy gal.
    Share the food and share the tree.
    Purr alot, just be like me.
    Lick your bowl and use the box.
    Smile at Peg, you know she rocks.
    Don’t yeowl at night, the neighbors say.
    Only sing when it is day.
    Welcome now to Peggy’s home.
    I’m sure that you’ll like her brush and comb.
    She’ll show you so much kitty cheer.
    (I hope she’ll share that Irish beer).

  3. I will probably say it more than once if I haven't said it already! I think you look beautiful together.

    My mom loves it when she is in bed, and can hear me upstairs trying to play elephants. I hope your neighbor does too.

  4. Oh I am so glad that you both are getting along so well!!!

  5. How exciting! You two are already playing and having fun together. That makes me feel happy.

  6. Thundering herd of elephants is our favorite game too! I'm so glad you two are getting along so well!

  7. THofE is an awesome game. I'm very interested in this mousies falling from the sky game. It sounds super fun. You guys are going to be great friends!

  8. Happy Happy, Joy Joy..........Laila's havin' fun with MaMa's new baby boy! That is great news Auntie Peggy! Oh the prize bed just arrived a few minutes ago so Mommy is going to post those pics tomorrow.=^Y^=Setzer

  9. What a nice picture of the 2 of you! Wish you another great playing time!

  10. I'm glad the two of you are getting along so well.I bet your mom is really relieved too. Mincie, my mommy really likes your tail. She said it reminds her of a raccoon.

  11. Oh what fun! Minchie you are so cool to get Laila to play with you. You are the perfect brother for her! Enjoy yourselves!

  12. Hey! you guys look like you have known each other ages.


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