Monday, October 12, 2009

And the winner is...


...Perfectly Parker and his Mommy! Congratulations on being the winners of the Warren Kimble cat cheese spreaders and tweety twirler. We will be contacting you soon to make sure we have the correct address for mailing.

Minchie was the only one willing to be the one to pick the winner and as an incentive, Mom had to hide treats in the bottom of the bowl to get him interested. Leave it to a Mancat!

We want to thank everyone once again for your generous outpouring of help in this difficult time for our Mom and her not having a day hunting jobbie to go to. All but $45.00 was raised and that is so much easier for us to handle. We treasure each and every one of our wonderful friends we've met on the CB! What a great group that comes the the aid of those in need. In the past we have helped many and just hope one day soon we will again be able to.


  1. Congratulations to the winners!

    We hopes that it gets better for you.

  2. Concats to Parker and her mommy! We are so pleased that almost everything was raised to help with Laila's nasty bill. A big applause for everyone. We will never forget your spontaneous kindness when you send us the playcubes.

  3. Concats to Parker!!!
    Great job picking a winner, Minchie. Mom tried to use a bowl to pick our giveaway winner, but no cat would pick a name out of it. What a great idea to put treats in the bottom!!

    So glad to hear you raised a good amount of money to help with the vet bill! Yay!

  4. Congrats to Parker and her mom! We're so happy that we could help!

  5. ConCATulations to the winner and to us, better luck next time. I think we need to enter, though, don't we☺

  6. Congratulations to Parker! And to you for raising all that money!

  7. WooHoo!
    Rudy just told me the great news! I'll pass it on to Mommy (who will be thrilled) when she comes home from hunting!

  8. Congrats to the winner--and it's wonderful that so much money was raised!

  9. Such happy news that the bill is almost paid for. What great friends you have. Happy Monday

  10. Minchie you are so good at picking the winners. Congrats to them!

  11. Concats to Parker!

    OMC! Minchie I gots to sees you on video!! I is so happy right now I must runs arounds da house now wif joy!

    MOL hehehe your momma had to hides treats in der for you huh, you a mancat but my mancat!


    Your loving ladycat Baby Patches

  12. YAY Parker! Me and momma are so happy that the kitties and beans were able to help!

  13. Congratulations to Parker and her mom! I am so pleased you were able to raise most of the money to cover your vet bills. The CB is a wonderful place!

    We wished we could have helped out, but our expenses are still very tight from my illness and mom's upcoming surgery.


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