Sunday, July 6, 2008

Laila came out...

...and there was quite the hissing going on but each keeping their distance. This is normal we know and it will just take some time. But when I'm not here they will definitely be separated. I feel so bad for Laila.


  1. Don't worry Peggy, they will soon be close.....this same thing happened to the woman I helped adopt a was a unaltered male going into a spayed female Bengal's home. She had them separated till he was altered the next day, then when he came back it still took a bit of time till she stopped hissing. Now the photo's she sends show them in each other's arms! Of course she will be jealous at first, but since he is more laid back she will soon see he will not hurt her. Huggs Laila...Auntie Holly

  2. Laila, please don't be afraid of your new brother. Soon you will be friends! Congratulations!!!

    Julia CatNut

  3. When Baxter came to live with us, I was the only naughty boy to hiss at him and I hid out on the dining room table so that I did not have to see him. The next day I realized that he was my new best friend and we are pals forever.

  4. Oh Laila, yoo'll see, brofurs are da best. Hope yoor mom is home wif yoo dis week.

  5. That is so great that Michie has settled in so well! Laila probably needs a week or two!

    ~Shade and Goldie

  6. Sometimes it just takes a little time. Be patient. It was so funny when I brought in Spunky Doodle as a kitten when my older cat, Mr. Moe, was used to being the only cat. He didn't want anything to do with her and hissed at her a lot. She just kept being friendly and not backing down. Eventually they became friends. When Moe died the first of 2008, Spunky missed him. In May, we got another cat to keep Spunky company through the day, Manny.

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